Everything You Need To Know About Casinos, Bingo, Gambling

Casinos are found in many countries since old times. They are said to be originated from Italy and then moved to other parts of the world. They are “house of games” in Italian language. As the name suggests, the casinos are a building where numerous games can be played. Many games are being played form earlier times. One such game is Bingo.


Bingo is a card game that is being played from earlier times. We can find the game being played as early as 1530 in history. It was also played in Italy. Later it was taken to France and developed. The German people took it to their country and used the method to teach alphabets, names of things to their children. This method is used in many other games also. Later this game was taken to US where proper rules were written for this game and was played by many people. This is where the game of Bingo got familiarised with the people and they also started to play it in the casinos.

The game was improvised over the years and people started to play many variations of the game. It became very popular among people after 1920’s. It was first called as ‘Beano’ as it was played using cards and the dried beans. People would call out beano when they had got the numbers in the game. Later someone accidentally told Bingo in game and that name was finalised and then there after the game was called as Bingo and players started to call out as Bingo.

The game

This is a game of cards where all players would be given cards that have five rows and five columns. All the slots will be filled with some numbers randomly except for the centre slot. When the winning numbers are drawn and called out, everyone should mark the numbers in their respective papers and call out Bingo if they have got all the numbers. As soon as someone had called out, an assistant comes down and checks if all the numbers are right and then, only after the verification, the prize money is given out. This is the basic model of the game played. Many variations have come to the game in the later years. There are many games with many names. In all of them the basic rule of Bingo is followed but with some amount of variation. Thus the game has survived for many years. Now days the game is not having much followers or players.

So in many casinos, they are not having it as a main game for full time. This game is played at a certain time daily or once in a week, so that people, who want to play the game can come in that time and play. Also in this way, the game would serve as an attraction to the casino. Initially this game was used to collect fund for churches and other social service activities.

The game was played in a large hall and the money collected from the tickets that were sold out was used for the charity or some community project. Later same thing was used to pull crowd to the night clubs and restaurants, where people who com regularly can enter into contest and win prizes. This would sometimes help people to get the crowd coming in for the lucky prize.

In some places to get the prize it is not required to have all the numbers, but only the number in the particular row. But you will not get jackpot prize but some consolidation prize. There are many versions to the game. So when you want to play the game in a casino, get to know the rules correctly if you need to have all the numbers or only a few, before you start playing. Even then, some nights might be special like some holidays or weekend nights, so the rules of the game might be altered from regular nights. So it is better to know all those variations before you start to play. Always look out for some extra pamphlets giving out instructions about the change even in your regular casinos. The game of Online bingo sites is targeted on the local players rather than the tourists.